Mid-March, 2020, we supported physical–distancing measures and closed our shop for 2 months. We’re happy to see those measures reduced the transmission of COVID-19 and we don’t want the good our community has accomplished to be undone as we reopen. The health, safety, and happiness of our teammates, customers, and community is still of utmost importance to us.

Following the guidance of the Government of British Columbia and the BC Centre for Disease Control, we now feel it is safe to open our shop again but it’s going to be slightly different for a while.

If you’re visiting our brick-and-mortar shop, here’s all you need to know:

  1. Maximum of 5 guests in our Main Street shop at a time.
  2. Use provided hand sanitizer upon entering.
  3. Mask is required.
  4. Please shop online at wootoseeyou.com and pick up.
  5. Plan your purchases before arrival.
  6. If you have symptoms, have been sick, or been in contact
 with someone who has COVID-19, do not enter our shop.
  7. If you’ve travelled outside of the country within last 14 days,
 do not enter our shop.
  8. Wait your turn outside, 2m(6ft) apart.
  9. Respect our staff and keep 2m(6ft) distance while inside.
  10. Credit or debit only—no cash. We encourage touchless pay.
  11. Want to use your own bag? We’ll ask you to stow your
  12. Wash purchased clothing and sanitize other purchases when
 you get home.
  13. We sanitize high-touch areas of our space multiple times a
 day and in-between customers.

As always, thank-you for your support and cooperation during this time! ✌️